Where to Watch RCB vs RR: TV and Live Streaming Options

June 5, 2024

The cricket landscape has seen a significant transformation in recent years with the advent of numerous TV and live streaming platforms offering sports enthusiasts an opportunity to watch their favorite teams live in action. One such popular league that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide is the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the match-up between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) is one that many cricket fans eagerly look forward to.

TV Options

For those who prefer to watch the game on television, several networks cater to the cricket-watching audience. In India, Star Sports holds the official broadcasting rights for the IPL matches, including the RCB vs RR encounter. Fans can tune in to Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports Select 1, and Star Sports Select 1 HD to catch the live action.

Live Streaming Platforms

1. Disney+ Hotstar:

Disney+ Hotstar, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, provides cricket fans with an option to stream the RCB vs RR match live on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They offer both free and premium subscription plans to cater to a wide range of viewers.

2. JioTV:

JioTV, a part of the Jio ecosystem, offers its subscribers the convenience of streaming live matches on their mobile devices. Users can enjoy high-definition quality streaming and real-time updates of the game.

3. Airtel Xstream:

Airtel Xstream is another popular choice for live sports streaming, including IPL matches. Airtel users can enjoy seamless streaming of the RCB vs RR game on their preferred devices.


1. Can I watch the RCB vs RR match for free?

  • Yes, you can watch the match for free on the Disney+ Hotstar platform with a slight delay in streaming.

2. Do I need a subscription to watch the match on JioTV?

  • Yes, a subscription to JioTV is required to stream live matches, including the RCB vs RR game.

3. Are there any geographical restrictions for streaming the match on Airtel Xstream?

  • Airtel Xstream may have geographical restrictions based on the user’s location. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions before subscribing.

4. Can I watch the match on multiple devices simultaneously with a single subscription on Disney+ Hotstar?

  • The premium subscription of Disney+ Hotstar allows users to stream on two devices simultaneously.

5. Are there any other platforms besides the ones mentioned to watch the RCB vs RR match live?

  • Yes, apart from the mentioned platforms, users can also explore options like YuppTV, Willow TV, and CrickBuzz for live streaming of the game.

As cricket fever grips the fans during the IPL season, the availability of multiple TV and live streaming options ensures that enthusiasts can catch every thrilling moment of the game, regardless of their location or device preference. Whether it’s cheering for RCB or rooting for RR, the evolving digital landscape offers a viewing experience like never before. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and get ready to witness the clash of titans between RCB and RR live!

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