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November 27, 2021

A very simple definition of self-awareness is that we’ve learned what it feels like to be an adult. At least, that’s what we thought until our twenties. Then we started to notice that we were still learning, and it wasn’t as simple as a big “aha!” moment.

Most people feel a little self-aware, but not nearly as much as we did as kids. At least, that was my feeling until I was 18. Then I realized I had absolutely no idea what it felt like to be an adult, and even less about what it was like to be an adult. A lot of that was because I was still in school, but a lot of it was because I had no idea what being an adult actually meant.

The reason I was a little unsure was because I was a little unsure of myself. I had friends that I liked to hang out with, and I liked to play video games, but I also never felt like I was someone that people would consider “cool.” And I was probably just a bit too “dorky” to be considered a cool person.

The reason I was a little unsure was because I had no idea what being an adult really meant.

And while this may seem like a strange opinion to the new generation of teens, the fact is I was no different. The only reason I was a little unsure was because I had no idea what being an adult really meant. But I did. And I had no idea what it meant to be cool.

Being cool is something that I have been trying to learn about for years. I have been trying to learn about being cool since I was a child. But my experience with being cool has been so surreal and surrealized that it has really left me a little scared and confused about what it is I am trying to accomplish. I mean, I have grown up, but my parents never once talked to me about being cool.

Being cool is about being able to deal with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. To me, being cool is about being able to be the best version of yourself. A lot of people become cool because they learn to fight against the expectations and pressures that come with being an adult. In a lot of ways, being cool is a lot like being an artist. I have tried to be a painter for years, but I have always had a lot of doubts.

I feel like we are living in a time where we have been conditioned to expect too much from people. We expect to be cool, we expect to be rich, we expect to be successful. We expect to be beautiful. We expect to be smart. We expect to be thin. We expect to be popular. We expect to be good at everything. We expect to be able to do it all. We expect to have it all figured out. We expect to be perfect.

I think the thing I find most difficult to accept is the fact that we are still living in a society that thinks we all need to be perfect. We haven’t yet accepted that we are all flawed. This is an acceptance that is necessary, yet we have a way to go before we can truly accept it. I think the biggest challenge artists face is how to be authentic in our own unique way. We need to be able to create things that are different, different from our own.

Art is a form of expression, so it is a form that is different than the way we live our daily lives. That’s why I believe artists should be able to express something they find valuable to their lives. For example, I think the most beautiful paintings are those that deal with the feelings that you are experiencing with an object.

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