Top 5 Ways to Make a File Smaller on Mac

August 3, 2022

If you’re running out of the storage capacity in your Mac or you share the same file with someone else on the internet, you’re aware that every bit is important. If you’re handling many large-sized files on your Mac that’s likely to take up a substantial portion of your hard disk. There are ways to reduce the size of the files on your device, so that you are able to use the space in your computer’s storage more efficiently.

In this article we’ll guide you in making the file smaller in five different ways using the Mac.

How do you make a document smaller using the Mac

There are many ways to make smaller files on the Mac. Follow the steps below to decrease the size of various files by using various tools on the Mac. Also you can use tools like herramienta gratuita Soda PDF.

Method 1. Compress the files with the Finder

No matter what kind of file you’d like to reduce in size the file, you can utilize macOS built-in Compress software for your Mac to reduce it in size. The Compress tool can create an archive of the selected file(s) in the format of ZIP and, to open the file lateron, you or the person with whom you are communicating the files with would require an unarchiving or unzipping tool.

To compress an image on your Mac then open your Finder application and browse to the file you’d like to reduce.

After you’ve located the document, click right the file or control-click on it, and then select “Compress “”.

macOS will begin to compress all the content in the archive. Once the compression process is completed you’ll be able to see a ZIP file within the same directory as the one you selected to compress.

The new file will be considerably smaller in comparison to its predecessor. You can examine the size of the new file by right-clicking or Control-clicking it and choosing “Get Info”.

It will be easy to access the zip file since macOS can open natively .zip file and then extract their contents into the same folder, without impacting compression of the files.

This method is applicable to files of all types, but when you’re dealing with particular file types it is possible to look at the other methods for reducing the size of their files.

Method #2: Resize PDF file by using Preview

If you have to deal with many PDF files regularly and need some way to keep them in a more efficient manner without consuming a large amount of room within your Mac. To make the PDF file you need to open it in the Finder application to your Mac.

Within Finder, go through the file in PDF format. Once you have found it, right-click or Control-click on it, and then select Open with the option of View.

The file you have selected will open in the Preview application. Once the app is open you can click the File tab on the Menu Bar at the top and choose Export..

The Export options box which allows you to set the way you’d like to edit your PDF file. Click here to open”Quartz Filter” from the Quartz filter drop-down menu.

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