sphincter law

April 6, 2021

Sphincter law is basically a general rule, but a couple different ones still exist.

First of all, it’s a rule that says that when you pee, you should have the same amount of fluid in your body. If you were an alcoholic, this is the rule they’d tell you to follow. However, this rule is only effective if you’re an alcoholic, so they’d also say “if you’re a woman, you should have the same amount of liquid in you, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not.

With sphincter law, you can have different amounts of fluid in your body which you don’t need to think about. If youre a woman who has an alcoholic or alcoholic drink, then you’re not going to have any problems being drunk with urine.

In some ways, sphincter law is a little of both. It means that you can drink more or less liquid in you, and it means that if youre pregnant, you can also drink more or less liquid in you. The point is to keep you from getting drunk. Which, is kind of the point of sphincter law.

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