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March 18, 2021

Some people think that if you don’t make sure of your personal hygiene and safety, your neighbors will end up with you. I have had the same thoughts and experiences. I know my neighbors live in the same neighborhood as you, so I have to make sure that they have the same basic clean up routine.

One such neighbor is the local police officer. To him, it doesn’t matter that you’re the person who lives next door to her. She has a right to be in her neighborhood, and since you are the one who lives there, you should have the same rights as she does. If you are in your neighborhood, you are there to serve your own neighborhood. She’s not, and you are not, there to serve hers.

Neighbors don’t have to like you, but they do have the right to be in their neighborhood. They are allowed to have a clean up routine and a cleaning schedule and a way of life that does not interfere with yours.

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