Is There a Timeshare Exit That Isn’t a Scam?

March 20, 2023

Many people are familiar with the fact that numerous timeshare developers in the market engage in fraudulent activities. However, is it possible to find a legitimate timeshare exit option that isn’t a scam?

Although we might hope that timeshare exit firms operate to combat the unethical practices of the timeshare industry, the truth is that these firms may be just as deceitful as the developers. To steer clear of falling prey to a timeshare exit scam, it’s crucial to be cautious of certain warning indicators.

Signs of a Timeshare Exit Scam

Timeshare exit firms are well aware of the vulnerable condition of their clients who seek their help to get out of their timeshare contracts. These clients are emotionally and financially distressed due to the troubles caused by their timeshare developers, and are desperate to exit their contracts at any cost.

Regrettably, these exit firms exploit the plight of these unfortunate timeshare owners and charge exorbitant fees for their services. It’s important to note the warning signs that indicate an exit offer might not be genuine.

1. They Won’t Reveal Their Process

The primary requirement for a timeshare exit firm is that they must be open to explaining their approach and strategy for assisting you. If the company is unable or unwilling to disclose the methods they employ to terminate your vacation ownership contract, it’s probable that they won’t take any action.

2. They Offer to Get Your Money Back

Wouldn’t it be a comfort to get all the cash you lost on your timeshare purchase reimbursed? Consider all the timeshare expenses you’ve incurred throughout the years, including your initial upfront payment, yearly maintenance fees, vacation club dues, and any other special levies you may have had to pay to your resort. Sadly, recovering all of that money is an extremely impractical goal that no timeshare exit business should assert to have achieved.

However, if your timeshare developer overbilled you, several timeshare exit businesses will claim that they can recover all or a portion of your money. Yet, the fact that they are publicising their capacity to do so raises serious concerns decatur car accident lawyer.

Your money should not be guaranteed to you by a timeshare firm, nor should they even imply that it might happen. Before advising you whether or not they can move forward with a timeshare cancellation case, any reputable law firm or timeshare exit team should evaluate your case and have a thorough understanding of your developer’s policies. However, they won’t have any way of knowing whether you’ll receive any of your money back.

The majority of those who leave timeshare ownership won’t receive any compensation, to put it simply. Furthermore, if a timeshare exit firm asserts that you have been overcharged, they are contributing to the fraud since they would not truly have access to this data. Due to how uncommon refunds truly are, exit organisations should never make guarantees or give clients the impression that they will receive any money back.

The purpose of cancelling your timeshare should not be to obtain a refund for the high costs you have already paid your timeshare operator. Instead, you should aim to effectively flee ownership and return to a more secure financial situation.

3. They Promise to Get You Out of Credit Card Debt

You’ve definitely ventured over to the online resale market on eBay or Craigslist if you’ve been attempting to sell your timeshare for some time. You’ve probably encountered plenty of properties advertised for $1 or less from well-known timeshare providers like Wyndham or Diamond Resorts while doing this, and you’ve probably pondered how you might compete with them.

It can be tempting to want to delegate the duty to someone who has the expertise of the timeshare sector and marketing abilities to distinguish your timeshare from the competition.

Companies who sell used timeshares stake their claims there. They solicit timeshare owners by telemarketing and tell them that they have a buyer ready to purchase their undesirable timeshare in order to make a living off of taking advantage of those who have timeshares on the resale market.

When someone has a timeshare on the market for years and is unsure how to make a sale, this sales strategy works incredibly effectively. For a little up-front price, resale salesmen will promise that their business will handle all the labor-intensive tasks and remove the property from your hands.

You run the danger of falling victim to a timeshare resale scam if you give in to the temptation to contact a resale company or if you are even solicited by one without your consent.

These kinds of businesses will claim to have an interested buyer but refuse to divulge the buyer’s identity. They will guarantee that they can sell your timeshare within a specified timeframe. Even worse, they will claim it is already sold.

These resale con artists are frequently run out of Mexico and connected to cartels. They will claim that you can obtain the funds after paying the property’s taxes or a one-time fee. If you’re serious about cancelling your timeshare, stay away from anyone making any of these statements because these are all classic warning signs of a con artist.

Notwithstanding what these organisations may claim, it is a sad fact that timeshare resales are incredibly difficult to complete. The same high-pressure sales techniques that your timeshare firm likely used to persuade you to buy initially may be employed to make you feel as though a resale will be stress-free or even go as far as to imply you’ll really get money back from the sale.

If you’re wondering if there is a timeshare exit that isn’t a scam, you are definitely not going to find your answer in the form of a timeshare resale company.

So, Is There a Timeshare Exit That Isn’t a Scam?

Nearly as often as developers prey on owners, timeshare exit businesses do the same. They give fictitious guarantees that they will recover any overpayments you made to your timeshare provider, pay off your loan and credit card debt, and even sell your timeshare for a profit on the secondary market. But, the more transparent a corporation is about offering these things, the more they expose themselves as con artists that won’t help you leave your timeshare.

So, is there a legitimate way out of a timeshare? Absolutely, and Centerstone Group is that exit company. You can trust us to address your timeshare contract difficulties as evidenced by our over 100 positive reviews, A+ rating, and 4.78 out of 5 ratings on the Better Business Bureau.

Our timeshare exit team has over 33 years of experience in the industry and knows how to navigate release for our clients. Reach out to us and schedule your free consultation today.

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