Blockchain Backlink: Thing You’re Forgetting to Do

December 10, 2022

Blockchain is a buzzword that has been going around the web, and while it sounds like something out of science fiction, blockchain is actually very real in many applications. This post examines blockchain backlinks and how they can help boost your website’s visibility for coin promotion. Not only will we discuss what they are, but also how to use them strategically.

You may have seen one or two articles about blockchain recently.

1. What Is A Blockchain Backlink?

If you’re wondering what a blockchain backlink is, it’s pretty simple. A blockchain backlink is a link to your website that has been recorded on the blockchain. It’s called a blockchain because … well … it’s like a chain of blocks from the different entities (websites) that link to your website. To explain this type of backlinks let’s use this example:

Blockchain that links to three websites: A, B and C

Now imagine that all of these websites were hyperlinked to each other via links. When you hover over one website, the others would automatically appear with a small link symbol to indicate they are there. This is just what a blockchain backlink does for your website(s).

2. More Examples of Blockchain Backlinks

Blockchain backlinks, like the one above, are links that are being published on third party websites. Find our site list here. However, there are a few other ways to get blockchain backlinks such as:

a) Directly from the website/company that publishes them (where you pay to have your links posted on the service).

b) Through Google who uses blockchain technology to discover related pages within the network. Sometimes you can see this with the “In context” section in Google results in certain searches. For example, if you type in: site:website. com in Google and put a blockchain backlink on the end, you’ll see the related pages that appear on your website.

c) You can also include them in other ways when you are creating an infographic, listing or even a blog post. Anywhere where you’re including a URL block will work as well.

3. When Should You Use Blockchain Backlinks?

So when should you use blockchain backlinks? Well, it really depends on what you want to accomplish and how much effort it takes to get them. Most of the time websites will want to use them for the following purposes …

a) To link directly from their website and then go straight back to yours with at least one click (website A).

b) From other websites in your niche that you don’t have any influence over at all (website B).

c) From a website that has a high page authority (website C). This can be really useful for building natural links because the higher the page authority, the more likely you’ll get a ranking boost from them. 

4. How to Set Up Blockchain Backlinks

If you want to set up blockchain backlinks for link building, there are a few ways you can do it. First, you can publish them yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It also depends on where you want to place the backlinks as well. If you want to place them on another website …

You can use the same blockchain technology that we use at . You can sign up for free and start building your links now or find companies that will do it for you.

If you’re wondering about how much a blockchain backlink costs, it usually ranges from $0.20 to $1 per link depending on what company you work with and where they’re posted.

5. How to Get Blockchain Backlinks

The best way to get blockchain backlinks is to acquire them naturally. You can do this by building your own website and using the on-page SEO strategies we outline in our training manual or you can use link building services.

6. Ways to Get Links for Free

There are 2 ways you can get free links for your websites. First, you can buy them from PBN sites and the second is to find a guest blogging program. The first method will cost you and the second one won’t.

7. Ways to Get Blockchain Backlinks with PBNs (Private Blog Networks)

PBNs are a type of link building strategy that consist of creating a network of sub-sites for NFT which each contain multiple blog posts and pages on the same site. The idea behind this type of link building strategy is that because there are multiple websites in one network, search engines will rank them more highly than if they were just placed on a single website. This can take a lot of time and effort to set up and will only be cost-effective if you have a high budget.

8. Get Blockchain Backlinks with Guest Blogging

The second way to get blockchain backlinks is through guest blogging. You can use this method by reaching out to other blogs/websites in your niche and asking them for a guest post on their site. Again, this takes time, but it doesn’t cost anything as long as you provide a valuable piece of content in return.

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