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December 18, 2021

I’m so thrilled to have the Treyz Law Group on campus to share their tips and tricks for dealing with the things that really bother us. I’ve heard so many people talk about “just get over it” (or “just stop it”) as a way to deal with their fears or problems. I’ve even seen other people talk about how they’ve never had a thought of the “just stop it” variety.

I have to admit though that I never have had a thought of just stop it, mainly because it makes me feel kind of silly. It’s also because it doesn’t work. The truth is that most of your thoughts are on autopilot, so you’re not in control of them.

What Ive said is that Ive had a hard time keeping track of my thoughts because I have a lot of negative thoughts on my head. Ive got a lot of negative thoughts about my life, what kind of work I do, what kind of life I want, what kinds of relationships I want, the things I want to do.

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