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September 8, 2021

I am a treece law firm attorney, and as you probably know, we are licensed in Wisconsin. In addition to this, I have earned my Master’s Degree in Environmental Law which I have worked for over two years at the National Environmental Law Center based in Washington, D.C.

You may have noticed that treece law is a pretty big deal. It’s a big deal because they specialize in environmental law, which is a pretty big deal because it covers everything from the protection of our precious oceans to the regulation of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is a huge deal because more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions on American soil are the result of our nation’s fossil fuel industry.

This is a pretty big deal because we’re not just talking about the carbon emissions on our land, we’re talking about the damage that our land does to the environment. And so we’re not talking about the damage that we could do to our environment because it’s so big. This is how we’re supposed to pay for our pollution and to keep our land safe.

But we are. And so are others. We are a planet at risk.

Treece is a law firm, and to be a law firm you must have a partner, a secretary, a receptionist, a receptionist’s assistant, a law clerk, and of course a law clerk. A law clerk is responsible for keeping the books and filing the papers. A law clerk is not an assistant.

This is why the law firm is so exciting. You are not just a bunch of law clerks. You are a team. This is why the video games industry is so fascinating. You are a giant group of people on a mission together, and your goals are clearly not the same as ours. You have an entire planet to save, and your planet is worth saving.

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