stop right there criminal scum nobody breaks the law on my watch

February 18, 2021

One thing I know is that I never do that. I only do that for fun. But there are other things.

Like this.

In my new game, I’m going to break every law I possibly can, and then find some law enforcement agents that will help me carry out my plan. It’s not a plot twist, and I don’t get to tell the story, but it feels like a huge victory.

My new game is going to be the most violent thing I have ever made.

This is another one of those things that feels like a victory to me. Im not sure if you are going to say “yeah totally right, you are the best game ever” or “uh but there are a few things I think you are doing wrong here and I think we should just call it a day.” Either way, I’m going to say Im not sure about the last statement but since this is a game I think we can agree on the first one.

I don’t think you’ve gone far enough with your description of what “criminal scum” means. It is a phrase that I use in most of my work when describing criminals and scumbags. It means “crappy people,” as in people who are willing to break the law and make a mockery of the law.

As I said, criminal scum means scumbags, but to go so far as to say they are just the worst type of people would be far too sweeping. I think the idea that you are comparing criminals to scumbags is a little bit of a stretch. We would never ever use the word “criminal” in this context. The word itself is an honorific, so it implies that something is a person that has broken the law, which is far from the case.

This is a great example of why I don’t want to use the word scum, because it implies that you are comparing criminal scum to scumbags, which is far from the case. The only thing it implies is that there is something wrong with the scumbags, which is far from the case.

To use the word scum implies that you feel sorry for them. Scumbags are the lowest of the low. They are dirt poor and have no hope for anything in this world. To use the word scum implies that you are making a statement about their personal background. To use the word scum implies that you are implying that they are scumbags which is far from the case.

The word scum implies that you are saying that you don’t care about the scumbags. As a result, the scumbags will not be hurt, and they will likely make you feel sorry for them. But I do think that if you are saying that you don’t care about the scumbags, then you would be saying that you care about them, not their behavior.

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