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April 6, 2021

This is my mom in law’s favorite recipe. Her bj recipe includes pork tenderloin, sweet potato and onion, and the freshness of the red beans and rice.

We love mom in laws bj, but it gets better. This version has some chicken, potatoes, and cilantro and is topped by some cheddar and a dollop of sour cream. It’s one of those recipes that you will want to make again and again.

Like me, my mom in laws is a caterer. She would make this bj for everyone she cooked for. Because this recipe doesn’t include beef, it is a bit more complicated than the other versions. Instead of the pork tenderloin, it has a lot of pork and a lot of cilantro. But the chicken is more important, as it has lots of cilantro and has been marinated overnight so it can be browned.

I’d add one more thing to this recipe, it is also known as a bj with onions (pronounced “BEE-ree-zin”). This is a dish that calls for lots of onions mixed with lots of other vegetables. It’s typically served with brown rice (and often chicken) and some sort of dipping sauce.

A bit of onion and garlic sauce, though. The garlic can be added to almost anything you need, but it’s usually the onions that are the most flavorful.

I think it will be important to make a recipe that is also a bj. We don’t have a recipe for it but if you are interested in using it, please share it here.

Ok, I’m probably not going to be able to make this one, so I’ll just link to some other recipes I think are worth sharing. In fact, I’m currently looking for a recipe for a cajun style bj.

One of the most interesting and delicious things I came across while searching for recipes for bj is a recipe in the blog of the late, great chef, Jean-Georges Vongola. Vongola was a great cook, and I think a lot of recipes he shared were some of the best and most delicious I have ever had. If you are interested in cooking this particular recipe, I would love to hear about it.

The Vongola blog is full of great recipes for bj. For example, here’s a recipe for the best cajun-style bj.

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