law of inverse ninja strength

November 22, 2021

If you are able to take on an opponent with only the force of your mind, you will be invincible. Don’t ask questions, just do.

This is what I’ve been saying to my students, but also to my friends who like to go to karate classes. The law of inverse ninja strength states that if you have an opponent with the same strength as you, you are invincible. In the case of martial arts, this means that you are invincible against your own attack while you are training at the same time.

You can use this law to build up your own fighting style and level your strength in opposition to that of your opponent. If you can do this, you will be invincible in any situation.

I don’t know why this is an interesting law, but I think it is a cool one and I think it will be helpful for other martial artists. As you can see, in the video I link to, you can see a video of me doing this law.

While in the video I link to, I demonstrate this in the form of a simple exercise. I assume that you are familiar with the principle of the law of inverse ninja strength, but I’ll explain in a minute.

The first step in the law of inverse ninja strength is that you should focus on the opponent’s weak points. This, of course, applies especially when you are in the midst of a fight. If you concentrate on the opponent’s weak points, you create a lot of leverage. You increase your own strength, and this will allow you to do almost anything you can imagine.

In fact, there is a saying, “When you are in a fight, the only thing that matters is your own strength.” So before you start attacking, you should focus on your opponent’s weak points so that you can create leverage and create power against him. The more focus you put on your opponent’s weak points, the more you can use these points to your advantage.

This is an important skill to learn because it is the only way to create leverage against your opponent. It’s an effective way to avoid being hit by a powerful attack and create your own chance to hit back. This is especially important when your opponent is strong and can’t be hit back.

The law of inverse ninja strength applies to ninja attacks. It is a rule of thumb that you should focus on your opponents weak points so that you can create leverage and create power against him. This is very effective if your opponent is strong. It is, however, very bad if your opponent is strong, but not weak enough to be affected by your ninja attacks.

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