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February 11, 2021

I know it is the season for crossword puzzles, and I know there are a lot of people who solve those hard-to-get-at puzzles with their little brains, but I think I have the most fun crossword solving them when I write the answers in a crossword puzzle. This year, I have tried the first two levels of the puzzle, and I have to admit, I am making the third one.

I know this is a crossword puzzle, but I have to tell you that I find it just as addictive as the first one.

The first level of the crossword puzzle is “Crosstrongos” (“Crosswords”). Most of the words and words of similar shapes appear in pairs. The words in the question are in the first set, and the two letters in the words in the question are in the second set. You have to figure out which ones are the same and which are not.

It’s a lot of the same words that appear in both crosswords, but there are a few differences, like “vomit” in the first set and “V” in the second set.

If you can’t figure out which words are the same, you’ll have to move on to the second set of the crossword, which will be crosswords of shapes that look similar to words in the first set.

In both crosswords, words are all in alphabetical order.

Its the exact opposite of a blank answer, so just memorize the first set of the crossword and then the second set.

I don’t say that to be a dick, but to be honest, this crossword clue is a good one for someone who wants to learn how to read.

The crossword is all in alphabetical order, so it’s hard to remember which letters are on the same row of letters (like in the first set of the crossword) if you’re missing letters in the second set. Also, if you’re missing letters in both sets, you’re going to have to move on to the next word in the crossword, so try and remember which ones are the same.

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