law and order swept away

November 21, 2021

Well I’m not a lawyer, but I do know that the US government has become pretty chaotic.

As a former military police officer (with a minor military background, I do not claim to be an expert in military law) I find this to be true. The US government is one of the most hierarchical organizations I have ever worked in. I have been a part of many high-profile investigations which have required me to attend a number of hearings, and I have found the process to be extremely frustrating.

I’m not sure if the ‘progressive’ side of all government is a good thing. I mean, they get rid of government and people in government, but they don’t get rid of the government that they’re supposed to be serving. I’m not sure that the ‘progressive’ side of government is the best thing to ever happen to the US government.

In the case of high-profile cases like the Casey Anthony trial, the progressive side of government has proven more successful than the conservative side. With the Casey Anthony case, for example, the conservative side almost took a complete victory, even though she was guilty. The progressive side has been able to take more risks, go where no one else has, and have more success. In this respect, the progressive side of government has proven to be more effective than the conservative side.

That case was a good example of this. The Casey Anthony case took the progressive side of government to the edge of bankruptcy. The conservative side had tried many different theories to deal with the case and they were simply not good enough. But as it turned out, the conservative side of government had the perfect storm of luck, good judgment, and timing to deal with the case and get it over with.

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