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February 10, 2021

I’ve been a part of the law and order SVU, including when I was out of town when the shooting occurred. I have to say that the law and order SVU is one of the best things to ever happen to the residents of this city. The police, as well as the entire city, are on top of things.

I’m not sure what happened on that fateful night, but I’m sure that it had something to do with a drug deal gone bad that was the cause of a lot of mayhem. The police had just gotten the call that a man had been shot in the face by his girlfriend who had gotten a hold of a gun that she somehow used in the gunfight that had just occurred. The police had responded to the scene that very night and immediately began to investigate.

The police were on the scene in no time at all, but unfortunately there was a lot more going on at that time. The police had received a tip that the drug dealer was planning on using the drug deal as an excuse to flee the city, while the dealer had an accomplice who had also been on the scene. The police were on the scene not much longer than the drug dealer, but they had already gone through all the suspects.

The drug dealer, however, had a clear motive for being on the scene since he had a gun. This was obviously not a random drug deal gone wrong, and it was a possibility that the police were hoping to catch. The dealer was known to own weapons, so if the police were planning to use their guns to arrest the dealer, they would have already had a weapon on hand.

With regards to the gun, I believe that this is why the police were so keen on interviewing the dealer. Since he had a gun and was known to own guns, it would have been easy to arrest him without a warrant and take him back to prison. The problem was that since the dealer was known to own guns, the police would have been able to arrest him without any trouble, but they didn’t.

The police were investigating a case that was known to be a “gun toting” type of crime, but when they approached the dealer, they were more interested in what the dealer had allegedly done to get himself arrested and what he was planning. Since the dealer had a gun, the police would have had no trouble finding him at any location, as they would have no reason to go looking for him in a city or village or wherever they were headed.

It is unfortunate that the police would have no reason to go looking for that dealer. However, if they had any reason to go looking for him, they would have found him at the dealer’s house (a known location), no doubt.

The problem is that if they looked at the dealer, they would have found him at the dealers house on Blackreef Street, with a gun, and he was never arrested. They may have been looking for him because the dealer had nothing to do with it, and they think they’re going to find him, right? They would have been able to find him because he was only a short man.

As we saw in the trailer, the most important thing to do in a war of words is say “That’s who I am.” The next step, you can do it without making you look like a fool.

In the trailer, Colt tells that the dealer is a bad guy and he is a bad person. So the question is: is Colt the bad guy here? The answer, of course, is No, Colt is the bad guy. But as we can see in the trailer, Colt is not the only one who wants to see this guy punished. The dealer is a killer.

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