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December 28, 2021

It is true that there are some things that we can control. We can be sure that our home will be clean and tidy and that our kids won’t mess with our belongings, and we can be sure that if we get sick or are in an accident, we can get medical care as soon as possible and that we won’t end up in the hospital.

The problem being, that we don’t have these control over our lives. Sometimes, when we are in the middle of our lives, we don’t even know if we are in the middle of a control situation. There is the possibility that we may not be in control of our lives at all.

That’s right. There is a part of our lives where we are not the center of our own life. That’s where we need to remind ourselves that we are not in control of our lives.

Some people say we need to be in control of our lives. I believe this is not the right way. When I say “in control” I don’t only mean that we have to control what we do, we also have to control the way that we do it. We need to be in control of our lives so that we don’t end up in the hospital and in pain, or at least unable to do anything of any value in life.

As human beings we are by nature emotional. When we are in control of our lives, we have the ability to be in control of our emotions. Emotions are a very powerful thing. They give us the energy to make decisions and make changes to our lives. Emotions are a way of giving ourselves the freedom to do things we would never be able to do if we were not in control of our emotions. In a way this is the same as having a lot of “fear.

When we are feeling fear, we are able to control ourselves, thus allowing us to do things we would not if we were in control of our emotions. This is how fear of death is a lot like the feeling of having no control of your emotions.

This is an important point. Even though we are unable to control our emotions, we still do control what we do with them. We can choose to keep them from getting out of control, or we can choose to release them so we can make better decisions and do things we would do if we were not in control of our emotions.

I know many people who are afraid of death. Most of them have never lived. They are usually afraid of dying of some type of illness, cancer, or something else. Yet, after suffering the kind of pain and loss that only dying can bring, they go on with their lives, sometimes even enjoying it. This fear of death is based on the same thing that keeps us from doing things we would normally do.

This fear can be so strong it creates a strong desire to avoid the pain and loss that death brings. What many people don’t realize is that there are many things we can do to prevent death from happening. It’s true that there are things we can control that prevent us from going into the next world, but there are also things that prevent us from going into the next world at all.

The first is our own minds. The second is our environment. The third is our physical body. And the fourth is our own emotions. This last one includes a good portion of our emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, joy, sadness, and so on. When we avoid the pain and loss that comes with death, we dont go into the next world. Instead, we just avoid the pain and loss.

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