born under the law

January 29, 2021

Born under the Law is a documentary chronicling the journey of three people, three families, and a community living under the American Constitution and the rule of law — from the beginnings of the American Revolution to the modern day.

This film focuses on the fight over the American Bill of Rights, the founding document of the American Constitution. This document, and the Constitution in general, was debated and amended by the Founding Fathers, who believed it was the best way to guarantee the freedoms and rights that made America great. This is a film that aims to expose the flaws in the original, and the many ways the founding fathers wanted to amend it.

The film begins with President John Adams being asked by his fellow Americans to look into the American Bill of Rights. Adams initially declines, citing the fact that he’s sworn to uphold the original constitution and not the new document. But he then agrees to look into it and does so, ultimately agreeing to the new document.

In the film, Adams looks into this document and finds several flaws, but ultimately agrees with the constitution and goes on to make it the law of the land. It’s interesting to note that Adams’ character has a certain amount of self-awareness, because he’s aware that he’s just made another mistake in the founding fathers’ document. That’s good, because if you know you’re making a mistake, it’s harder to get caught up in the hysteria associated with the original document.

Adams, unlike the others, isn’t aware that he’s made a mistake, nor do his actions reflect that he was aware of it. On a similar note, the others have some self-awareness within them, but none of them actually know they’re making a mistake.

Some of the founding fathers were not aware of their own mistake, but others that were were. They were only aware that they were making mistakes because they were the ones who thought they were making mistakes.

Adams does have self-awareness, but what he doesnt have is the knowledge that he may be wrong. He has no idea that he has made a mistake because he didnt know he was making a mistake. In a similar way, one of the founding fathers, James Madison, knew that he was making a mistake because he didnt know he was making a mistake. He just thought he was making a mistake.

So in order to get self-awareness you have to first learn to recognize that you are making a mistake. So like Adams, we need to understand and embrace that we are making mistakes. When we do this, we no longer need to make a conscious decision to be wrong, because we are now recognizing that we are, in fact, wrong.

You can’t get self-awareness without learning to make mistakes. You can’t get self-awareness unless you realize you are wrong. When we don’t recognize that we are wrong, we start blaming ourselves. When we blame ourselves, we think that we have to fix the problem, but we don’t have to fix the problem.

Of course this requires some self-awareness, but it also requires a little honesty, willingness to admit when we are wrong, and willingness to be willing to learn from our mistakes. We need to start learning from our mistakes. We need to start learning from our mistakes so that we can stop blaming ourselves for them, and stop blaming ourselves for our own mistakes. It starts with admitting when we are wrong. Then we need to take action.

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